February 2015
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  • Challenges with New Format - How to Get Help?
    I'm not sure if anyone else is struggling with the new format, but I'm feeling disoriented trying to find things I used to access, and I'm overwhelmed by all of the dark color - it makes me less able to "see" some things, especially the tiny squares with pictures or icons representing TBI friends I'd […]
  • Motivation and initiating activity
    Hello friends I wanted to get people's ideas about how to deal with my lack of motivation and initiating activities.  It is so frustrating and it is beginning to be a problem with family.  I really feel bad to say this, but I could stay home all day and stare at a tv screen.  It […]
  • Hurtful words from others
    How to cope with abusive people. I find being called "retarded", or "stupid" very hurtful. I have a hard enough of a time trying to not disappear into a world where I dont let anyone in ,and when people say hurtful things like this to me it makes me feel so broken inside. I wish […]
  • i need some friends, anyone want to be my friend, ill be yours
    hi its ranger9. i need some friends. who is out there with my condition, dont be shy or bashfull..
  • free cellphone and monthly minutes anyone with a disability www.safelink.com
    hi, just to le everyone know who doesn't free cell phone and monthly minutes  from www.safelink.com people with a disability qualify. check it out. I have 1000 minutes, I text a lot. you can buy more minutes also. its run by tracfone. enjoy, I am.
  • Soft Drinks and Subtle Brain Concussions
    Very general question regarding soft drinks and energy drinks of all kinds (2014).  Anyone very sensitive to a soft drink or an energy drink in a positive manner at all?  Anyone drink soft drinks or energy drinks for the taste only?  Anyone feel that soft drinks and energy drinks are unwanted no-nos?
  • 12 Holiday Tips for Brain Injury survivors.
    From the Brain Fairy.  http://thebrainfairy.com/?p=1349
  • Stand Up For Your Brain Injury
    No Brain Injury is the same every brain has its own reaction to the trauma it receives, with saying that I'm standing up for my 1 of a kind brain injury. You got to stand up for your own cause I'm standing for mine so how am I gonna stand up for yours but I […]
  • Pharmacological Treatment of BI
    I'm curious what other people have tried, what's worked and what hasn't?   So far, I've tried in the order listed:   Ritalin IR (Mallinkrodt brand) -- It worked the first day like magic, I felt like my old self again in terms of cognitive abilities; I hated the surge and crash in energy; after […]
  • using medical marijuana
    I suffered my TBI at age 19 I am now 35 the thing that helps me cope the most is marijuana but I have guardians that think the only thing is just get high. Also there is no other way marijuana can be used than recreational, I tell them it makes me feel rejuvenated but […]

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