November 2014
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  • Thanksgiving is Coming!
    Hello, Everyone! I know, I know. Thanksgiving can be hard.  Hey, any holiday can be hard.  But one where people, especially those who know nothing about your situation, are telling you to be thankful can seem truly cruel, can't it? I kind of thought so, too, and was dreading the holidays until - and, don't laugh […]
  • my thing
    I have no problem falling asleep I have trouble staying asleep & this started happening when I first woke in the hospital.
  • Change doesn't happen in a vacuum...
    ...Sometimes, you just gotta keep on keepin' on. With apologies to anyone who had commented on previous blog posts, or who had enjoyed the content of the posts they commented on. I have neglected this forum for quite a while, BUT I am committing to changing that. Making it through the MSW was not entirely […]
  • Finding meaning after a stroke
    Ever since I can I remember, playing basketball was my passion. My parents divorced at a young age, and both of my parents worked multiple jobs to support my younger brother Jonathan and I. As a result we spent a lot of our childhood alone. Subsequently, we both developed defense mechanisms to deal with the […]
  • Hello, I'm New
    I'm not new to the injury; but I am new to discussing it!  Just wanted to say hello and that I admire you for what you all are doing.  I do Tai Ji Quan to try to cope with the dizziness.  I am working on math worksheets to try to regain some of those skills.  […]
  • Share Your Story
    Realistic Hope is another website where you can share your story, and please do. It doesn't matter why you are a survivor. share it, let's eradicate brain injury as a silent or invisible injury. Here's a link to mine.
  • Playing a mandolin as my self-help therapy.
    As a survivor with short-term memory losses, I started thinking that starting a new hobby may help. And yes it does. Read my story about playing a mandolin.
  • A permanent challenge entity?!
    I want to ask if anyone experienced post traumatic seizures (partial) and they seemed to clear up, but only later give you suspicions they were back? Or was/ is it the TBI causing these symptoms/ episodes? I was a couple months out from my accident and experienced post traumatic epilepsy. However, when the stress, return […]
  • Random
    I come from great genes. She was in her 30 s when I was born and she looks about 48. I guess that means I look about 18 instead of 28. She's really 60 to be honest and she doesn't look it. My dad is a pharmacist from the best school in Indiana or butler […]
  • Nuture
    We need 30% of our "nurturing"  to come from each other.   To nurture;  "encourage somebody to flourish:   to encourage somebody to grow, develop, thrive and be successful".

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