August 2014
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  • Nuture
    We need 30% of our "nurturing"  to come from each other.   To nurture;  "encourage somebody to flourish:   to encourage somebody to grow, develop, thrive and be successful".
  • Nuture
    We need 30% of our "nurturing"  to come from each other.   To nurture;  "encourage somebody to flourish: to encourage somebody to grow, develop, thrive and be successful".
  • Guidelines for Concussion/mTBI & Persistent Symptoms: Second Edition
    I've been reading information from and it's the first time I've come across standardized guidelines for medical professionals to follow. In the Province of Ontario, the Ontario Neurological Foundation has successfully lobbied the provincial government to adopt standardized medical guidelines for doctors in head injury diagnosis and
  • Light at end of tunnel
    March 15th was my second hit concussion a survivor of SIS. Second impact syndrome which is 50% percent fatal. It's been a long slow recovery and especially with the late onset of post traumatic seizures (partial). It's been so challenging especially as a high level athlete. To accept I will probably never continue my career, or do what I love again
  • 5 years in the making
     Adapting to life after my brain injury hasn't always been easy but its been a fun ride! I was 15 when I was injured. I was riding a horse when a snow storm hit during March in Colorado. Needless to say I was not rodeo cowgirl material! Going back to school after shunt(drainage tube that starts in my head and end in my stomach to drain extra cerebral sp
  • Camp
    I had a great time at the camping experience this year. Thank you to everyone who's hard work make this event possible! Thankx---Goob West
  • Poker ♦️♠️♣️♥️
    I've had a pretty good month! 4th followed by 1st, then 7th, then 1st again!! I just love the fact I've had a Traumatic Brain Injury 4 years ago, and a Hypoxic Brain Injury 3 months ago, but still have more brain capacity than many who play! I play Texas Hold'em poker for 2 reasons, the first is I just love the game, have always loved it, the
  • Great summer!
    It's been a great summer. My sister is working after 10. Years. She has three kids so she brings them over here to my parents house sometimes. There are 3 of them and they don't all that annoying. I alsog outside more. It's only been two years since I had an accident lol. What's not so funny is my. Court proceedings for drunken driving wi
  • Finally back. D.A.I. T.B.I.,broken back, lacerated spleen, broken ribs 2 month coma to full recovery.
            After my wreck in 2011 and all my rehab things still seemed hopeless but I never gave up.  I was fortunate enough to have recovered so I kept pursuing the life I had before.  I got hired back to the same position I had in July of 2013.  I acquired my c.d.l. class a during the lay off that year and now run my own crew uncovering utilities with a Verme
  • Living with TBI
    Hi, My name is Janne and I have been living with a brain injury for 11 years. Since 2003, life has not been easy for me, especially when some family and friends don't want to get  to know what I go through every day of my life. That is truly sad. I know if they suffered a brain injury they would ask a lot of questions. I would be happy to support them.

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